domingo, 12 de junho de 2011


Puta filme cara... sem palavras.

O que você vê, jogando em contraste o filme e sua vida real, realmente te faz pensar sobre seu "maior inimigo".

Passagens para eu me recordar:

“The greatest enemy will hide in the last place you would ever look.”Julius Caesar, 75 BC

“The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent.”Fundamentals of Chess, 1883

“First rule of business, protect your investment.”Etiquette of the Banker, 1775

“There is no avoiding war, it can only be postponed to the advantage of your enemy.”Niccolo Machiavelli, 1502

“The only real enemy to have ever existed, is an eternal one.”The Road to Suicide, pg 1, line 1

“Your friends are close, but your enemy is closer.”The Road to Suicide, pg 1, line 2

ps.: Pode ser interessante para um futuro psicólogo.